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Vincent Keymer wins GRENKE Chess Open 2018!

Incredible, unbelievable, sensational. Vincent Keymer (pictured below) beat Richard Rapport in the last round and won the GRENKE Chess Open with 8 points out of 9 games. The German rising star, who is sponsored by GRENKE, started the tournament as the 99th seed and finished ahead of 49 Grandmasters. With this result Keymer qualified for the GRENKE Chess Classic 2019, but he said that he would yet have to see if he would take up that invitation - time will tell. Congratulations, Vincent!

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Big fights in the penultimate round

In the 8th round of the GRENKE Chess Open the players fought to get themselves in the best possible tournament position before the last round. Only board 1 saw a quick draw between Falko Bindrich (Germany) and Richard Rapport (Hungary), but on the remaining top boards fighting chess was on display everywhere. Anton Korobov (Ukraine) prevailed against Hagen Poetsch (Germany), Alexei Shirov (Latvia) scored a big black win against Jules Moussard (France) and, to the delight of locals and organisers alike, Vincent Keymer continued his great run in Karlsruhe with a win over Gabor Papp (Hungary). Thanks to their wins Korobov, Shirov and Keymer enter the last round in the lead with 7/8 and will fight for tournament victory on the stage, side by side with Magnus Carlsen and Co.

13-year old Vincent Keymer won against Gabor Papp

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